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Hurricane Ike's path at 5:48pm

Hurricane Ike is coming to Texas.  I have never actually been in a hurricane and still won’t have been in one after this weekend.  Austin is not on the coast.  This does not, however, remove me from all of the hurricane’s effects.  Today, school was let out at noon-yes, that’s 12:00-almost 3 hours early!  Authorities decided that it was better for everyone to be off the roads so that people coming into town would have an easier time.  Good thinking, guys.

This is a short summary of my afternoon:

1.  Finished up a few things at school, then carted most of my classroom home, getting here about 1:30.

2.  Ate leftovers from last night for lunch (yummy pizza sandwich), and continued reading The Anybodies.

3.  Fell asleep on my bed for about 3 hours, getting the much-needed sleep I missed this week.

This was the first school closure for a hurricane since I’ve been in Austin, but there have been a couple closures in past Decembers when there was a thin piece of ice covering Austin roads, and everyone was crashing into each other.  I find it funny that Austin’s weather hardly compares with Nebraska’s when it comes to severity, but schools have been closed here more often than they did back when I was a kid.  Safety first, you know.