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Well, I’ve been trying to do the postaweek2011, and I realize that it’s been a week since my last post.  So for today’s topic that they feed you, I think I’ll respond:

“When teleportation is finally possible, where will you beam yourself first?”


This is something I’d actually use quite a bit, I think.  I would probably first beam myself to Cinque Terra, somewhere on the beautiful hike I took several years ago.  I might then go back to Washington (though in the summer, not right now) and spend more time there.  Maybe I’d head down to Oregon.  That’s gotta be God’s country…it’s so BEAUTIFUL!!!  I suppose I should go visit my family in Nebraska, so I’d probably stop there for a bit.  To be honest, I’d like to see some more places, but isn’t it a little scary to beam yourself somewhere you’ve never been before?  It might be pretty awesome to beam myself to the top of a mountain (Everest?) on a clear day.  Of course, I’d have to make sure I’d get back by teleporting.  Here are some places I’d like to go in my lifetime:


1. China (Guiling, (sp?), the Great Wall, some of the major cities like Beijing)

2. Israel (always wanted to float on the dead sea)

3. Hawaii (I’d love to hike there and go swim in a secluded waterfall pool!)

4. Egypt (to see the pyramids and all that stuff)

5. India (to visit the markets)

6. The Grand Canyon

7 Guatemala (someone told me this was the most beautiful place they’d ever traveled)

8. All the other locations of the wonders of the world…I’d like to especially see the Christ the Redeemer statue in Brazil or the new one they are making…in Poland I think?

Now, they didn’t specify if you could beam yourself back in time…That might be a fun one to answer as well!

Where would you beam yourself?