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With the upcoming election, politics have been on everyone’s mind.  I have friends saying things like, “Should I vote for the person that lines up with me morally, or should I go for what makes sense politically?”  Good question…I guess you can’t have both good morals and good policy.  Hmmm….

What I’m really wondering is: Is it better to have a government without any religious influence at all (ie: no moral code, aka: chaos), or is it better to have a government that is biased and favors one religion over another (ie: dictators, oppression, and “cleansing”)?  Take religion out of government, and you get scenario #1.  Let religion control government, and you get scenario #2.  Either way, you’ve got problems.

On one hand, it makes sense to have some morals governing-you can’t have people running around killing people and molesting children.  (These are extreme examples, but who’s to say where to draw the line?  There’s got to be a line of right and wrong at some point.)  On the other hand, how could a government stand where one moral-or religious-code was set in stone?  Pretty soon you’d have complete intolerance, and one people group would then be right, and everyone else wrong.  (But in America…where everyone has equal rights?!!)  Something has to give.

I guess I’m just wondering where the balance is.  I’m not sure if there is even a workable solution.  The way I see it, this issue goes back much further than 1776.