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This morning it rained as I woke  up.  I don’t know about you, but there is something refreshing and satisfying about listening to the rain.  It reminds me of God.

A few years back I went on a retreat in Colorado.  At the time, I was struggling with God and life, questioning many things.   One cool evening when everyone was asleep, I went outside and stood barefoot on the porch.  While I was standing there, it started to rain gently.  Instead of going inside, I looked around and thought about what I was seeing.  Standing in front of me were two huge pine trees.  They stretched up to the sky like buildings.  How long had they been there?  Probably over a hundred years, and God was still sending the gentle rain to sustain them.

When I am out in nature, I see the beauty of God.  There is so much of it!  Birds singing, flowers blooming, water moving, colors flashing-even the curves of the clouds are beautiful to me.

In nature, I see not only beauty, but order as well.  I can’t tell you about how many cycles my 5th grade students have had to learn about in science class.  The water cycle is the simplest of them all, and yet, there is comfort in the fact that it does not change.  We may not always know when or where, but we can count on it.  Doesn’t this speak to a Designer and a Sustainer?

Even now, I carry a life inside of me.  A few months back, a friend said to me, “Women have a special role.  We get to assist God in the creation of a miracle.”  How amazing is that?  It blows my mind that two nearly invisible cells could join inside my body and grow to become a human life.  I am an example of this miracle.  You are.  So many things must go right in order for a life to happen, and it does so often!  We can be sure that babies will be born each year.  It sometimes surprises us, but there is always an order to it.

When I’m in nature, I see beautiful things.  This order and beauty and constancy is like a hug from someone you love.  It refreshes me and makes me feel secure.  I don’t see randomness, luck, or chance in it.  The beauty I see is a gift.  Life is a gift.  This is why I believe in God.

Below is a video of the Sticky Light.

I found this video on this website. Technology is amazing.