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“The Rural Carrier Discovers That Love Is Everywhere”

A registered letter for the Jensens.  I walk down their drive

Through the gate of their thick-hedged yard, and by God there they are,

On a blanket in the grass, asleep, buck-naked, honeymooners

Not married a month.  I smile, turn to leave,

But can’t help looking back.  Lord, they’re a pretty sight,

Both of them, tangled up in each other, easy in their skin-

It’s their own front yard, after all, perfectly closed in

By privet hedge and country.  Maybe they were here all night.


I want to believe they’d to that, not thinking of me

Or anyone else but themselves, alone in the world

Of the yard with its clipped grass and fresh-picked fruit trees.

Whatever this letter says can wait.  To hell with the mail.

I slip through the gate, silent as I came, and leave them

Alone.  There’s no one they need to hear from.

Wishing for something new…


No matter what we are and who,

Some duties everyone must do:

A Poet puts aside his sreath

To wash his face adn brush his teeth,

And even Earls

Must comb their curls,

And even Kings

Have underthings.

“Dust of Snow”

The way a crow

Shook down on me

The dust of snow

From a hemlock tree


Has given my heart

A change of mood

And saved some part

Of a day I had rued.

A girl I went to college wrote this poem.  I love it.


your words i take

wrap in tissue and store

in places where I dream,

to take out on days when

the sun doesn’t glow

or on days when it does


alone in the quiet

I take them out unwrap

them and hold them

in my hands-like birds

to small to fly


then witnessed by nothings

but silence and imaginings

I smile back

and say brilliant things

Who says poetry has to be serious?  I knew I was in for a good class when my Lit. professor read this poem to us the first day of class.  Note: this poem is only for the immature.  All others will probably be offended. 🙂

“O Luxury

O what a luxury it be

how exquisite, what perfect bliss

so ordinary and yet chic

to pee to piss to take a leak


To feel your bladder just go free

and open like the Mighty Miss

and all your cares go down the creek

to pee to piss to take a leak


for gentlemen of great physique

who can hold water for one week

for ladies who one-quarter cup

of tea can fill completely up

for folks in urinalysis

for Viennese and Greek and Swiss

for little kids just learning this

for everyone it’s pretty great

to urinate

women are quite circumspect

but men can piss with great effect

with terrible hydraulic force

can make a stream or change its course

can put out fires or cigarettes

and sometimes laying down our bets

late at night outside the bars

we like to aim up at the stars.


Yes for men it’s much more grand

women sit or squat

we stand

and hold the fellow in our hand

and proudly watch the yellow arc

adjust the range and make our mark

on stones and posts for rival men

to smell and not come back again