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On my back patio I have an old iron table frame.  It has no top…yet.  Matt and I bought it this last summer off of Craigslist.  It was actually a pretty funny story, which involves our good friend John (thank goodness for him!).

My plan for the table is to create a mosaic top.  I’ve done this before on a much smaller scale, so I pretty much know what I’m doing, but this will be a bigger challenge. The table is just over 9 square feet-that’s alot of tile to cut!  We bought a sample of 3 different whites-I plan to use a basic neutral background with perhaps a red design on top.

My inspiration

My inspiration

The design that I’m going to use isn’t drawn yet, but it’s inspired by this really cool old Japanese vase that I saw when I was in Seattle. (No, I was probably not supposed to be taking pictures in the museum…)  I thought the design was beautiful; I want to try to use the shapes of the leaves and flower for my table.

Matt went and got me a large board and he cut it yesterday, so now I’m almost ready to start.  I think I need to seal the wood first, but I have to read up on that first.  When I’m finished you’ll have to come over to have drinks on our back patio!  YAY!