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Spring is my favorite time of year.  Right now I’m lounging on my couch: Caleb is taking a nap, there is a gentle breeze pushing my wind chimes, the birds are singing, my flowers are blooming and the air smells great.  My mother gave birth to me in the spring, and I will always feel most connected and alive around this time.

I wrote awhile back about why I believed in God-how I know He exists.  On days like these, I feel His presence and truth most clearly.  I can’t say I was there when He created the world, but perhaps the springtime is a whisper of what it was like, the smell of Him cooking up something delicious.  Looking out my back window every morning gives me joy.  When the sun shines on some purple bushes I have planted back there, they simply glow.  It’s so beautiful!  I wish I had a picture to add to this post, but even so, a photo wouldn’t do justice to the real thing.  Beauty is best when experienced.  Am I right?