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I’ve been thinking about posting for awhile.  The problem is that I don’t feel I have anything of importance to say, or anything funny, or interesting.  So, here’s what’s been happening this summer.

A special day

Caleb and I have been hanging out alot this summer (what else is new?), and I’ve been navigating this whole food allergy thing.  I have to say that having a kid with allergies isn’t too bad when I’m at home, but it can get difficult when we go anywhere.   As of now, we know he is allergic to dairy, eggs and peanuts.  There are two things I am extremely thankful for in all this:

1. Caleb is an extremely good eater.  He’ll eat pretty much anything I give him, and he eats ALOT.  No wonder my grocery bill keeps going up.

2. His allergies could be a lot worse.  I am so thankful he can have wheat and soy (which is in practically everything.)  I joined a community for people in Austin with food allergies and it’s been really helpful, even though I’m just a “virtual” participant at this point.

A few weeks ago we took a trip to Colorado for a family reunion.  We had fun; it was great to see family, and Caleb had a blast with his cousins.  Plus, he pretty much perfected his walking skills, so now I am running after him everywhere. 🙂

During a hike in Estes

The other big thing we did this summer was update our kitchen.  We were lucky my sister was here to help, because painting cabinets is a BIG project.  I was not very nice that week, but, like Matt says, “Aren’t you glad you got it done?”  Yes, yes I am.   And glad that I’ll never have to do it again.  I think it turned out pretty well, especially because this update was budget-friendly.

Before-ugly tile

After-pretty tile!

Matt even installed some inexpensive under-mount cabinet lighting, which is nice when I am trying to cook.  The last phase is to lay tile (see big rip on the existing laminate?), so as soon as I choose a color, we’ll start that project.  Someday in the future, when one of our appliances croaks (and we have more $$), we’ll probably do something a little nicer, but until that day, we’re working with what we’ve got.

Well, that sums up what I’ve been doing.  I hope you are staying cooler than we are! 🙂  I love Texas except in July and August!