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Well, I’ve been absent from the blogging world for awhile, and while my son has kept me busy, I did find some time to do a little jewelry creating! I keep seeing such great artists out there making it happen, and it’s giving me the itch to create. One of these days I will conquer my fears (and procrastination) and open up an Etsy shop (and complete that promise I made to my sister). Here are some pictures of a couple of jewelry gifts I made for this Chrsitmas!



Necklace Clasp

















I’ve been able to delve back into some of the crafting that I love to do.   After Caleb was born I went to a local bead show and got a few new beads.  Here are two things that I’ve made with them!

White coral carved beads + bead from Italy

Red Coral Bracelet

Wrapped 2x