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So, I hear that your brain doesn’t fully develop until you are 25 years old.  I guess that means once you hit it, things start dying, I guess.

Yeah.  I’ve been losing brain cells for about six months now.

While that has absolutely nothing to do with my post, it’s the thought that led me down this next path…

Do you ever imagine the neurons in your brain firing as you are retrieving information?  What exactly are those synapses doing?  (Hmmm…..high school biology trying to kick in….getting there…)

Sometimes I think of my brain like a big tangled web.  My experiences and thoughts form little check points in my brain.  Every time I experience something new, I make another connection with something I’d previously thought or experienced.  The more threads from one experience (check point) to another, the stronger that emotion, feeling, thought, attitude, etc, is rooted in me.  Pretty soon it all gets tangled into a massive ball of string.  (Boy, I can’t imagine what an old person’s brain looks like…you’d never get that knot undone!!!  Kidding, of course.)

Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about roles.  You know how there are some people in life that really just piss you off, like all the time?  Yeah, I know a couple of those.  Or maybe the people you totally don’t get because they are in a world of their own…What is up with them??  And THEN, there are people who you are totally jealous of; you know, the people that when you see them your eyes look them up and down and a little furrow appears on your brow?  Of course, you can’t help but say at least one negative comment in your head.  Most likely it’s about yourself and how you’ll never be “as (fill in the blank) as them” or whatever.  It really makes relationships challenging.  Seriously.

Roles.  Yeah, I’m starting to get it, I think.  On some level, I’m beginning to equate all these people with those check points in my brain (Yes, I really am losing brain cells now.).  These people are all part of something much bigger.  Some of these checkpoints I really don’t like, but some I do like.  And in some way, we are all connected.

You know that the Apostle Paul spoke of the church as Christ’s body.  Different parts (er, roles) have certain functions, but they all work together to form the working, living, breathing, FUNCTIONING, whole.  I know that life might just be simpler without all those annoying people around.  But then it might not be quite as good.  Or strong.  Or smart.  Or talented.  Or as hard working.  I mean, I’d much rather have a brain with neurons firing all over the place than one that’s 90% unused (which I’ve heard, by the way, is what our brains really are…10% in use…sad, very sad.)


As much as I hate getting uncomfortable by the beliefs or opinions or thoughts or actions of another person, I guess it’s important to remember that all those different connections make for a stronger whole.  At least I can try to remember this when I can’t think of anything nice to say about that one person that’s just gone and done it again.  Or perhaps be thankful when my lip starts to curl at the thought of doing something out of my comfort zone-something which another human has found to be good.  I mean, really, as much as I’d like to think I’m better than someone else, I guess I’m just another checkpoint like everyone else.  Amazing.  And to think I’ve been losing brain cells.  😉

Now, go make some brain connections and do a crossword puzzle or something.  Really.