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There is something very satisfying about planting and cultivating a garden.

When Matt moved in-Redbud to the right

When Matt moved in-Redbud to the right

When Matt moved into our current home, there was one tiny tree in the backyard and not much else.  Dressing up our backyard has been quite the process.  Before we could begin putting in beds and plants (which I was eager to do), Matt insisted we first put in a sprinkler system.  After the 3-4 thousand dollar estimate on our backyard, we decided-no, Matt decided-to do it himself.  Let’s just say that after half a year, a lot of hard work and a few arguments, it was finished.  Now we could begin planting.  We first chose trees, knowing that our backyard needed some substance.  We put in a Live Oak, a Red Maple, and a Bradford pear tree.

After planting these, we spent the next two years testing out other plants.  We planted several Canna bulbs, a Texas Sumac plant-which is HUGE now, a red/pink Oleander, many Indian Hawthorn bushes, and some very pretty purplish Chinese Witch-Hazel.

The treacherous sprinkler system project-rocks anyone?

The treacherous sprinkler system project-rocks anyone?

In addition to these, we put in some grasses, vines and other test plants.  I was really looking forward to putting in fruit/veggie plants and herbs, wanting to use these for cooking and eating.  My first test was a jalapeno plant.  It took off-I had jalapenos coming out my ears.  I tried again this year, but I guess I didn’t water it enough because it hasn’t done much.  This year I also planted a red pepper plant, a tomato plant, and basil.  I actually accidentally spilled the basil seeds on the ground when I opened the package (oops!) so I just moved the dirt around a little and watered the spot to see if it would grow.  I can’t believe it, but my basil plant is like 2ftx2ft wide and tall now!  The red peppers are doing okay, and the tomato plant looks horrible, although it’s given us a few tasty tomatoes when the ants haven’t gotten them first.

Planting trees-Growing Redbud to the left

I definitely enjoy being in my backyard now, because it actually looks pretty!  It’s definitely not finished, and I suppose won’t be as long as we’re living here, but I guess that’s the beauty of gardening.  You never get bored.  This next spring we’ll probably move some more plants around and take out a few others.   I’d really like to plant a pomegranate tree at some point, if I can figure out where to put it.

I’d also like to point out that gardening is something Matt and I like

Our backyard currently

to do together; it’s a healthy and fun avenue for us to spend time together as a married couple.  It’s an apt metaphor, I suppose.  As we grow and cultivate our relationship, beautiful things come out of it-just like our garden.  And that’s the most satisfying part.