It’s been 8 years since I’ve added anything to this site.  In the past couple of years, I’ve gone through a few emotional difficulties that got me reading and writing poetry again. In a way, poetry has helped me process grief and perhaps acknowledge some of my heart’s tender areas.  I realize that most poets are a little self-absorbed, and I admit that I am too.  I’ve started compiling some of my writings with the intention of sharing them.  I’m not sure what is compelling me to do this, except for the fact that I think some are good (some are bad), and some are just truth about who I am.  Over the past few months I have been putting them out into the world, one friend at a time.  The feedback I’ve gotten has been fairly neutral, perhaps even non-existent.  But this is me; here I am.  At the risk of sharing some of the ugliness of my heart, perhaps you will find something beautiful as well.