I’ve followed (too) many blogs in the past couple of years.   I have also created at least 5 or 6.  Currently, I keep one updated…this one.  Why this one?  Because WordPress is better than blogger.

I was just visiting my brothers new blog, Daddy Can Cook, and tried to leave a comment.  Just when I had quickly typed out my comment, lo and behold, one of those stupid word verifications come up.  Ugh.  Another three seconds more than I wanted to spend.  Seriously.  Why does Blogger have this?  It makes me want to never leave comments.

Do I have any other good reason not to like it?  Sort of.  My husband is the main author on our Blogger blog, but every once in awhile I do.   What drives me crazy is that it takes me about four minutes of clicking around from our blog page just to find the admin page.  Since I have a baby, I never can remember these things, so every time I go back, I deal with the same annoyance.  It sounds trivial, but it reminds me that I hate Blogger.

Here’s another thing: sometimes I follow other people’s blogs.  All I want to do is put their feed in my Google reader, but sometimes it links it to my Blogger homepage.  Weeks later I am wondering why I can’t find their posts in my reader.  Why not?  Because it put them into the feed on my Blogger page.  So, again, I spend four minutes trying to find my blogger homepage just so I can delete it there and try to get it into the right place.  Boo.


I like WordPress.  It’s intuitive.  It’s easy to use.  It’s clear.  They even have specialized blogs available to educators with protections on them.  I used one with success for almost three years while I taught.  You don’t have to type in annoying non-words just to leave a comment.  Yay WordPress.  I like you.