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Did I mention that my husband is wonderful to have around the house, among his other talents?  He promised me that he would help me organize my make-up drawer, and yes he did!  My make-up drawer was a mess for some time, as you can see, Makeup_Drawer 003and I was just itching to do something about it.  Since it is a tiny drawer and I hadn’t found any suitable containers that were reasonably priced, I designed my own system.

It took me some time to figure out the exact measurements, because I wanted everything to fit just so.  I drew it on a piece of paper, and then Matt cut out the pieces I needed from an old piece of plywood we had laying around.   Someday I may paint the wood and put down a paper  cover in the bottom, but this is good enough for now!

I am happy with the results, and this only cost a little bit of time.  Thanks honey!

Makeup_Drawer 007

Now, I am not a naturally organized person. I usually know where my stuff is, but that doesn’t mean it has a place. On Saturday we began with the usual, “What do you want to do today?” When I suggested Matt make me some compartments to help me organize my make-up drawer, he consented if I agreed to help him organize the dreaded pantry. I agreed on the condition that he let me buy some organizing bins and let me paint. He gave in! Yay!storage tote

This project took the whole weekend, but overall I am quite pleased with the results. I picked out a nice gray paint color for the walls and some black baskets for the shelves.

We ended up painting our shelves, too, because they looked so crummy.   Matt was a bit apprehensive about me buying these baskets (as he sometimes is about my grand ideas), but I think he would tell you now that my ideas turn out pretty good! 🙂

This project was not too expensive: just the cost of paint and less than $100 for all the bins. We got several of them for CHEAP, CHEAP, CHEAP! I love it how Bed, Bath, and Beyond sends us coupons all the time. They let you use them even when they are expired. Score!

Photo 4

Do you remember the tv show, Full House?  It was probably my favorite tv show growing up.  I used to watch it everyday, candace5and thinking about it takes me way back…

Today I was browsing the internet and I stumbled upon Candace Cameron’s website.  I was impressed!  The front page makes it clear what her goals are.  It’s refreshing to see someone who has lots of worldly success testify that Jesus Christ is what matters to her most.  Check it out!  It’s fun to see her as a regular mom with kids.  Doesn’t she look great too!?

Last year around this time, Matt and I signed up to be a “host family” for an international student studying at the University of Texas.  I heard that there are thousands of students who come to America to study and learn about American culture, but most of the time many of them never even get to step foot into an American home!  This disappointed me and made me feel ashamed of my country.  So, I signed up to be a “host”.  IMG_4724

Initally, we were paired with a Turkish couple, Mahsuni and Seher.  Mahsuni is studying Engineering at UT, while Seher came along as his wife to be with him and learn English.   Throughout the past year, Mahsuni and Seher have shared their culture with us as we have shared ours with them.  While I hope that they gained from meeting with us, I feel as if I’m the lucky person, having the chance to get to know someone from another culture which is very different from my own.

Did you know that many of the international students who come to study at Texas are some of the smartest, most dedicated, or influential people in their country?  How do you think they get the opportunity to study at such great American schools?  And yet, there are hundreds of students who sign up to have a “host” family but don’t get one because there aren’t enough Americans to be hospitable to them.

It’s September, the start of the school year, and I signed up to “host” another international student.  Of course we still meet with Mahsuni and Seher-they are our friends.  But there is a need and a chance for me to learn and grow, so I took it.   Would you consider this as well?

You can find more information here, or by simply asking me!