I’ve decided that my husband should get some kind of an award. We recently went to a mini-awards ceremony, where he was up for one (he didn’t win), but I really think that he deserves one. I think I’ll call it the “Best Man” award. Here are some reasons why:5773_113964217958_576732958_3027581_2241515_n

1. He is the best husband in the world-Not only does he hold my hand in public, but he does the dishes, vacuums, fixes up our house and cars, he takes me on dates, he listens to me, he writes me sweet notes, and he always tells me that he loves me. Not to mention, he catches me off guard with fun, romantic surprises every once in awhile.

2. He is a SUPER hard worker-I don’t know if I could handle a job where you are constantly trying to solve problems that aren’t solved in a day-or week-or month-or year-or sometimes ever. Not only does he put in great effort at his job, but he goes above and beyond to help other people all the time and on a regular basis-even when it inconveniences him, and sometimes he gets complaints instead of thanks.

3. He is loyal and trustworthy-He walks with integrity and reminds me to do the same.

4. He is FUNNY!!!! Okay, if you look past his fairly regular toilet humor (and yes, I mean bathroom references, if you get my drift…) he really does a good job at lightening up a room. He practices often with me when I’m crying-which gives him a lot of practice to get good. Ha!

5. He is pretty stinking good looking. I tell him all the time that he is better looking than Michelangelo’s David…and ladies, we all know how good looking HE is!

6. He is humble-I’m pretty sure as soon as he sees this, he’s going to want me to take this off. Sorry babe. I just have to say how great you are!