Because I’m a teacher, I tend to read alot of youth/teen novels.  I enjoy them  because they are usually pretty imaginative, they are quick reads, and I can recommend them to my students.  Yesterday I finished Things Not Seen by Andrew Clements.  Clements is a pretty popular childrens author, best known for his first novel, Frindle.

Excitement jumps out on the first page when Bobby, the main character, discovers he has just become invisible.  He immediately shocks his parents with the news, and they all decide it’s best to tell no one.

On his quest to materialize his body again, he meets a blind girl named Alicia, and they soon become friends.

This story does not reveal the expected response of new found invisibility-breaking into banks or spying in the girls locker room-but Clements creates a fairly believable emotional response of a 15 year old boy.

I would recommend this book to kids ages 12-16, or to someone who likes to read kid novels.  Things Not Seen is by no means the best of this genre, but it’s an enjoyable read and fairly well-written.