So yesterday I went to visit my good friend, Sarah.  It was alot of fun to see her and I especially enjoyed getting to see her new baby Brode!  He is going to break some hearts one day.  Anways, I had taken along my camera (which I normally don’t remember to do), but I forgot to take a picture!

I was almost to my house when I spotted THIS CRAZY CAR!  I came up to it from behind, and I thought, how is this car balancing on only two wheels?!!  I whipped out my camera without hitting anyone, and snapped a few pictures.  When I showed Matt, he said, “You did this while DRIVING?!?!!”  I think he was a little concerned…This was the best one:

only in Austin...and maybe Europe

only in Austin...and maybe Europe

As I passed the car I realized that it had one wheel in the front, kind of like a tricycle.  What a funny car!

Speaking of cars, we also snapped a shot of these two cars when we were on our Washington trip a month ago.  The first one was in British Columbia and is worth more than our house.  Yikes!


Smart Car

I love Austin because you’ll see things here that you won’t anywhere else!  It may not always be a good thing, but at least it makes it interesting to live here. 🙂