So lately I’ve been thinking alot about potential and discipline.  I’ve been faced a bit with the reality that I often perform well below my potential, due mainly to the fact that I lack motivation and discipline.  It’s a little humbling to take an honest look at yourself and realize that you are lazy and have been okay with it on a regular basis.  But I don’t think that I’m okay with it anymore.  I really admire the kinds of people who finish projects that they start, even if they get a little bored or tired in the middle.  I think it’s really honorable to do something you don’t like to do, because you know the benefits outweigh the “pain” you might suffer in the meantime.

I’ve noticed that Proverbs really talks alot about discipline.  Reading Proverbs is actually the first step I’m taking to be a little more responsible with what I’ve been given.  I know that I can spend time in God’s word everyday; it just takes some effort.  And so far it’s been good.  So goal #1 is in progress: Spend time daily in God’s word.  Potential doesn’t matter unless you make use of it.